Soil breaking

Chisel plough

Basic equipment:

  • Hydraulic or screw protection
  • teeth with expendable operating elements
  • smooth adjustment of shaft working depth
  • 2 rows of coulters
  • a set of spike drums

The chisel plough manufactured by our company can work as deep as 60 cm down, which facilitates loosening of the subsoil. This operation improves the ability of water to soak through and soil aeration, invigorating the soil and making the plants grow faster. Specially designed shape of teeth of the plough allows simultaneous tilth of the topsoil and mixing of crop residues. It is being produced in two versions with hydraulic or screw protection.

Technical data:
Width [m] 2.5 3.0
Weight [kg]* 1600 2000
Teeth count 5 7
Power demand (KM) 160÷200 200÷250
* the given weight is approximate and may differ from the actual equipment and configuration.


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